About Elvis' reign in Las Vegas

In 1963 he spent several weeks in town to film the hit movie "Viva Las Vegas" which included a Vegas wedding between Elvis and his co-star Ann-Margret.

Four years later, reality mirrored the cinematic fairytale when Elvis' real-life love story played out in Las Vegas. On May 1, 1967, at age 32, he married Priscilla Anne Beaulieu, 21, in a quiet eight-minute ceremony.

Elvis' popularity in Vegas is a tribute to the bonds forged between the singer and the city in a seven-year run between 1969 and 1976, a period fondly remember as the "Vegas Years." It's a legacy that continues to this day.

In 1969 Elvis performed his first show at the International to a sold-out crowd and went on to perform regularly at the property for seven years, a total of 837 consecutive sold-out performances.